Cupid’s Arrow Oysters

Jason Oh

Sustainability Rating:

Green-Best Choice


Farm-raised eastern oysters from Maine.

Available Year-Round


Where – USA
How – Farm-raised in floating cages


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Head down Old Farm Road, towards Dodge Cove where the land comes to an arrow-like point. This has been Maine’s version of lover’s lane for generations thus Cupid’s Arrow.

Cupid’s Arrow Oysters are the perfect oyster for any occasion, especially Valentine’s Day. 

Cultured in floating cages just offshore from the peninsula of the Damariscotta River, these oysters are tumbled giving them a deep cup and a firm shell, which makes them easy for shucking. The flavor of its tender meat is slightly briny with a hint of sweetness and a tannic finish. One taste is all it takes to fall deeply in love.

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For Your Menu

Fantastic served raw on the half-shell or cooked, these delicious oysters are a great addition to any menu.

For Your Waitstaff

Enjoy the enchanting briny flavor blast of Cupid’s Arrow Oysters and make sure your guests have plenty of ice-cold beer or a crisp white wine to keep their whistles wet!

For Your Retail Display

This delicious oyster is great for beginners. Not just tasty, but the hardy shells make shucking a breeze!