Crabs, Dungeness (Clusters)


Sustainability Rating:

Yellow – Good Alternative


Fully cooked and ready-to-eat Colossal Dungeness Crab Clusters.

Available year-round


Where: USA

How: Wild-caught

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Superior to all others, these “Colossal Dungeness Crab” are hand selected and grow much larger with weights starting at over 2.5 lbs each before going into sections. These colossal clusters can be twice the size of the ocean-run West Coast crab production currently being produced.

Known by many Alaskans and the King Cove area fishermen as “Unimak Blue Backs,” these crabs are harvested by the outermost trip of the Aleutian Peninsula, near the wilderness wonderland of Unimak Island.

The waters are pristine. And the fishing environment is nothing but wild, fresh, and free. These impressive crabs have a slightly sweeter flavor than snow crabs and kin crabs and are packed with much more delicious crab meat than conventional Dungeness crabs.

These Colossal crabs are harvested with pride and quality from a sustainably managed Alaskan Fishery.

  • 25lb CS
  • 10oz/up clusters
  • IQF
  • Ready-to-Eat
  • Fully cooked

For Your Menu

Delight your diners with the unmatched sweet and delicate flavor of Colossal Dungeness Crab! This seafood delicacy is pre-cooked, making it both effortless to prepare for an elegant menu item. Serve chilled with tangy cocktail sauce or warm up in melted butter – whichever way you choose will leave your guests absolutely smitten.

For Your Waitstaff

Get your customers ready to experience the delicious flavor of a scrumptious seafood dinner with their very own pair of crab crackers! Don’t forget to top off this mouthwatering meal with an accompaniment of icy-cold beer.

For Your Retail Display

Pile these colossal Dungeness crab legs high inside your seafood case and don’t forget to have some Santa Monica Seafood Cocktail Sauce near! We offer those in traditional flavors and chipotle!