Crab Meat, Dungeness (Combo)


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Grey – Unrated


The iconic crab of San Francisco’s Fishermen’s Wharf has long been a staple species up and down the West Coast.

Available Year-Round


Where: USA

How: Wild Caught

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With a sweet crab flavor and firm meat, Dungeness crab meat should find its way into your kitchen.  Fully cooked and ready to thaw and serve, you can use this all-natural ingredient in many dishes such as salads, dips, pasta dishes, chowders, and traditional crab cakes.

For Your Menu

Crab cakes, crab salad, crab bisque – this delicious and easy-to-use crabmeat can work in so many different preparations.

For Your Waitstaff

Dungeness crab meat is delicious but somewhat delicate so keep those wine pairings appropriate, nothing overwhelming.  Also, if you know what state the crabs are coming from, why not suggest a wine from that region?

Product Facts:

  • Hand-picked allowing for larger chunks and fewer broken pieces
  • The leg, body, and claw meat are layer packed separately for ease of use
  • Vacuum sealed to ensure optimum freshness
  • Smaller pack size allows for faster thawing and less waste

For Your Retail Display

We recommend highlighting this product inside the freezer case.