Crab Meat, Atlantic Bay


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This fully cooked Atlantic Lyre Crab Meat is 100% all-natural and comes ready to thaw and serve.  Meat is hand-picked allowing for larger whole pieces and contains natural proportions of the merus, leg, claw, and body.  They are then layered separately for ease of use and vacuum-sealed for optimum freshness.

Hyas araneus


Where: Canada

How: Wild Caught

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Atlantic Bay Crab meat is a great value item as an alternative to pasteurized crab meat.  The flavor is mild and sweet with a firm texture.

For Your Menu

Atlantic Bay Crab Combo Meat versatile to work with and can be added to anything from salads to dips, pasta, chowders, or a traditional favorite, crab cakes.

For Your Waitstaff

Crabmeat is low in fat and has a variety of nutrients.  We recommend pairing crab dishes with white wine or champagne.

For Your Retail Display

Keep this item in the freezer section rather than inside the seafood display case.