Seabass, White


Sustainability Rating:

Yellow – Good Alternative


This tasty fish is the largest member of the croaker family and is a local California favorite!

Available year-round from US, Mexico and South America; Seasonal from California


Where – Pacific (US, Mexico and South America)

How – Wild caught; drift net




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White Seabass is mild and slightly sweet. It has a firm texture, cooks up flaky and moist and lends itself to most cooking applications. Although white seabass is generally available year-round, summer brings more economical pricing – we recommend this great fish for summer menus and specials.

Alternatives include Bluenose, barramundi or baquetta.

For Your Menu

Take advantage of the meaty texture of California White Seabass; grill it, sear it, pair it with full flavored sauces – this fish can take it! Tastes great cold – try poaching it in olive oil with fresh herbs and then serving it the next day over a salad of local greens – fantastic!

For Your Waitstaff

If we’re sourcing from California fishermen (check with your Santa Monica Seafood Sales Representative), take advantage of the opportunity to pair this fish with a local wine or beer! California White Seabass is another great option for your customers who might not consider themselves “fish eaters”. White Seabass is mild and delicious – and because it’s harvested near-by you can’t beat how fresh it is!

For Your Retail Display

Just in case your customers don’t ask, take a moment to point out to them how local this wonderful fish is from!