Roe, Bowfin


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Better known by its Cajun name “Choupique”, bowfin are not related to sturgeons but they do produce a delicious roe.

Available Year-Round


Where – USA

How -Wild Caught


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Bowfin roe is a black roe with a distinctive flavor and can act as an affordable substitute for other types of caviar. It’s also a unique and delicious roe on its own merits. Bowfin roe turns red when heated.

For Your Menu

Why not use the colorful name for this fish on your menu! Choupique will surely “pique” your guests curiosity…

For Your Waitstaff

A little trivia – the Bowfin is “bimodal” meaning it can breathe in or out of water! It has gills AND and air bladder!

For Your Retail Display

If your customers want to experience roe but are worried about spending a lot of money, suggest Bowfin Caviar – it’s a fun way to try this seafood treat at a great price.