Crabs, Blue


Sustainability Rating:

YellowYellow – Good Alternative


Blue Crabs harvested from US waters

Pre-Order Only


Where – USA

How – Wild Caught/Traps


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Blue Crabs are an iconic East Coast Seafood. It’s hard work to extract their delicious, sweet meat from their legs and bodies, but is a fun social event that people love!

For Your Menu

Blue Crabs are best suited for special events… Special Order a bushel or two, boil them up and let your guests go at it!  Cracking and eating Blue Crabs can get messy, but it sure is fun!

For Your Waitstaff

If you get the chance to enjoy Blue Crabs your guests are in for a treat! Pair these tasty crustaceans with plenty of ice cold beer…

For Your Retail Display

If you have customers looking for Blue Crabs, your best bet is to check in with your Santa Monica Seafood Sales Rep and see about special ordering them…