Scallops, Bay


Species Name:
Argopecten irradians
Sustainability Rating:

GreenGreen – Best Choice


Smaller than their “cousins” the Sea Scallop, Bay Scallops are the edible muscle inside the fluted scallop shell.

Available year-round

Where – Mexico

How – Wild harvested; dredge


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Characteristics60 to 80 ct. bay scallops are small but tasty! Mild and sweet, these lean little meats are firm and moist and cook up quickly. They’re also great raw!

For Your Menu

MenuBay scallops are perfect for ceviche, but they’re also wonderful added to pastas and risottos, or as part of a fritto misto. However you serve them, cook them quick – overcooking turns them tough.

For Your Waitstaff

Wait StaffBay scallops are a great way to introduce people to scallops – it’s just a tiny bite, and maybe what they need to put them on a path to becoming a scallop lover! Sustainably harvested bay scallops are a great choice for people asking questions about how their food is sourced.

For Your Retail Display

Retail If you have a customer looking to make a seafood chowder, Bay Scallops are a great addition! Whether they go for something creamy or a tomato based version, bite size scallops will add a sweet, delicious flavor.