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GreyGrey – Unranked


A small, oily fish found throughout the world

Available Year-Round


Where – Europe

How – Wild Caught/Nets


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Traditionally, anchovies are gutted, salted, and then packed in oil or salt. They have a characteristically strong flavor and deep grey flesh when salted. They may also be pickled. Pickled anchovies are milder in flavor with white flesh.

For Your Menu

A little goes a long way! Beyond Caesar Salads and pizza, anchovies can add a unique flavor to many dishes. Add them to pasta dishes and sauces, or try them on a traditional onion tart.  Some Chefs use Anchovy butter to add a unique flavor to roasted vegetables and meats.

For Your Waitstaff

If your chef is using Anchovies in an unexpected way (say, in a Bolognese Sauce), make sure you double check on your guests potential allergies.

For Your Retail Display

Anchovies are an easy way to add a shelf-stable seafood item to your display case.