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Beryx splendens
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A bright red deepwater fish also known as Alfonsin a Casta that belong to the Berycidae family (alfonsinos)


Available Sporadically Year-Round

Where – New Zealand

How – Wild caught; Trawl


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CharacteristicsAlfonsino have a slightly sweet flavor and a wonderful richness, owing to the fact that they live in very deep water. Fillets cook up firm flaky.  Whole fish average 2.5 to 4 lbs.


For Your Menu

MenuAlfonsino cooks quickly, so keep it simple.



For Your Waitstaff

Wait StaffIf you’re lucky enough to feature Alfonsino, let your customers know this delicious fish is a real treat they should definitely order!


For Your Retail Display

Retail If you can get your hands on some whole Alfonsino, their bright red color will add an amazing pop of color to your case.