Tuna, Albacore


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Albacore is a species of tuna in the family Scombridae.

Available year-round


Where – Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii

How – Wild Caught; Longline, Purse Seine


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Albacore is shedding its image as just a canned tuna (we do carry a delicious canned option that’s MSC certified!). With a mild flavor, Albacore cooks up firm and moist with nice large flakes. It’s actually quite fatty, with the highest omega-3 of all tuna species.

For Your Menu

Excellent grilled, seared, oil poached, roasted – albacore is as versatile as other tunas.

For Your Waitstaff

Your customers will love albacore’s mild flavor and firm texture! It’s a great, nutritious lean protein choice for people looking to eat lean.

For Your Retail Display

Encourage your customers to pick up some extra Albacore – leftovers make amazing tuna salad!