Scallops, Alaska Weathervane


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GreyGrey – Unranked


Shucked scallop meat from Fresh Alaskan Weathervane Scallops

August - October (fresh)


Where  – Alaska

How – Wild Caught; Dredge


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Fresh Weathervane scallops are some of the largest of the commercially harvested scallops and have a wonderful sweet flavor and firm texture.   We are bringing in fresh Weathervane Scallops from Kamishak Bay in Alaska’s Cook Inlet.  This is a highly regulated quota fishery conducted by only a few permit holders. Weathervane Scallops are harvested from an area at the foot of the Augustine Volcano; carefully dredged from a volcanic sand bed.  Scallop meat is shucked at sea on the deck of the fishing vessel and packed in ice until delivered to the dock.  Weathervane Scallops come in 10/15 count and are chemical free.

Alternatives include Atlantic Scallops or Mano de Leon Scallops

For Your Menu

Use these delicious scallops as an amazing entree – they have wonderful scallop flavor and work well in a variety of cooking applications – they sear up especially well, nice and brown!  Don’t forget to let your guests know these are fresh scallops, direct from Alaska’s icy waters!

For Your Waitstaff

Scallop lovers will rejoice at the chance to enjoy FRESH scallops from Alaska – they aren’t always available so enjoy them while you can!

For Your Retail Display

If you have the chance to carry these amazing scallops – make a big deal out of it! In-store signage, Social Media blitz, you name it!