Santa Monica Seafood Completes Acquisition of American Fish

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July 4th, Independence Day, took on a whole new meaning for approximately 150 individuals who became new employees of Santa Monica Seafood on that date.  Santa Monica Seafood completed its acquisition of certain assets comprising the seafood division of Prospect Enterprises Inc.  This included groups doing business as American Fish & Seafood in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Phoenix, Chesapeake Fish Company in San Diego, and LA Fish Company in Los Angeles.

“While we have completed 5 prior acquisitions over the past 9 years, this one was by far the largest.  This one should count as 5 deals since there are 5 separate operating entities being acquired, each one doing a respectable amount of business,” commented Roger O’Brien, CEO.  “We have transitioned the American Fish-Los Angeles operations into our Rancho Dominguez facility, but we are maintaining the other 4 locations as processing and distribution centers.”

This acquisition gives Santa Monica Seafood an operational presence in San Diego, Sacramento, Phoenix and downtown Los Angeles, while concurrently adding approximately 1,600 foodservice and grocery customers.  Adding in existing company locations, Santa Monica Seafood now has over 200,000 square feet of office, processing, distribution, storage and retail space at 12 separate facilities to support its seafood operations.