Sustainability Ranking System

Introduction to Our Sustainability Ranking System

We have worked closely with the Monterey Bay Aquarium (“MBA”) to apply their Seafood Watch color-coded program to the products we sell. The Seafood Watch program utilizes four colors:

GreenGreen = Best Choice

YellowYellow = Good Alternative

RedRed = Avoid

GreyGray = Unrated

The Grey color is assigned to a species of fish or shellfish when it has not received a specific ranking from the MBA because the Seafood Watch team has not been able to complete their research. These choices are coded Grey and should NOT be assumed to be red, but should remain unranked until the necessary research has been completed.

Introducing The Santa Monica Seafood “Blue” Rating

BlueSanta Monica Seafood has added one additional color to the color-coded program – “Blue.” For some of the species rated “Red” by MBA, we have conducted our own investigation and determined they are a “good choice” within their class or they have been certified as sustainable by organizations like FishWise, SeaChoice, New England Aquarium, or the Blue Ocean Institute.

The Blue rating is designed to draw attention to a specific aquaculture venture or small wild fishery that we feel deserves recognition due to their attempts to meet or exceed the standards put out by the MBA. They may have not achieved a yellow or green rating yet, but we believe they demonstrate a commitment to constant improvement.

Recognizing these individuals – whether they are farmers or fishermen – encourages them to move up the curve. By offering an economic incentive to improve, we hope our financial support provides a carrot that leads the industry towards better practices.

Blue choices are not necessarily sustainable at this time, but we hope that with our support and active involvement they will move up the chart to yellow, and eventually to green.

An Invoice System That Helps Customers Rate Their Purchases

Check out the bottom of our customer invoices to gain a better understanding of your sustainability ranking average. For more details view some additional information on how we calculate each customer’s average. Your Santa Monica Seafood representative can help guide you and suggest potential changes that are available to help you improve your average score.