Dock Direct

Fresh Off the Boat to Your Door

One of the capabilities we’re most proud of is our ability to source seafood directly from the fishermen who harvest it. As licensed first receivers, Santa Monica Seafood is authorized to buy the freshest catches available from the many fishing vessels up and down the coast of California at either of our off-loading docks in San Diego or Morro Bay.

Like us, most of the vessels we do business with are privately-owned (captained by second- or third-generation fishermen). We therefore share a long-term commitment not just to the sustainability of a shared precious resource, but in fishing techniques to minimize bycatch as well as allowing for the immediate release of unwanted fish.

Purchasing seafood direct from the source decreases processing time while increasing food quality and freshness. It’s also what the marketplace has told us it wants more of. At Santa Monica Seafood, we celebrate that culture and are working diligently to continue the growing tradition of port-to-plate cuisine.