Our Capabilities

Overview:  A Reputation Built on Quality

Culinary excellence begins with top-quality ingredients — and that especially applies to seafood. Santa Monica Seafood is a story of how one family, through successive generations, applied both dedication and artisanal craft to build a reputation built exclusively on quality.

Providing outstanding fish is actually the result of a family history that goes all the way back to the tiny island of Ischia off the coast of Italy.  Their fishing skills and love for the ocean’s natural resources eventually found its way to Southern California a little over a century ago.  That passion has today translated itself into a nationally recognized state-of-the art seafood distributor possessing a global reach in its access to the world’s best fish.

Santa Monica Seafood succeeds for one primary reason:  We know fish. Equally important, we’ve build a company predicated on expertise. From our dedicated team of seafood specialists to our wide geographic reach, we’ve built a company which has become one of the nation’s leaders in not just quality, but also food safety, available product and seafood sustainability.