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Executive Chef, Jacqueline Keller grew up in an Eastern European family, and her early memories of fish are rooted in holiday traditions. “We were of modest means, so fish was a special treat enjoyed only on rare occasions.”  She learned to fish from her mother-in-law, who grew up fishing with her family. Chef Jackie said that the best way to treat fish is with the same respect that you give to your body – push wholesomeness and freshness.

Chef Jackie received her culinary training from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, beginning her culinary career with Westin Hotels, and subsequently with Stouffer Corporation. She also holds multiple certifications as a Professional Wellness Coach (ACC, CPWC, and BCC) with specialty designations in Health and Wellness. Chef Jackie currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Foundation for the Women Presidents Organization and has served on the Board of Directors of the International Coaching Federation – Los Angeles chapter. She was an active member of Michelle Obama’s Chef’s Move to Schools program as an Executive Chef and continues her work in schools as a credentialed ROP teacher in Culinary Arts. Chef Jackie is part of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. and actively promotes sustainable practices in all aspects of work and play.

Jackie is the author of Body After Baby: The Simple 30-Day Plan to Lose Your Baby Weight Fast (Avery/Penguin Group; May 2007), and Cooking, Eating & Living Well, a cookbook and guide to nutrition-related lifestyle change. She is a nationally recognized health and nutrition educator, and Le Cordon Bleu-trained culinary expert.

Jackie holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California, also completed UCLA’s gold standard Professional Fitness Instructor certification program, and in addition to other post-graduate studies at UCLA. Her hobbies include hiking and playing classical piano.

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