Frazier Farms Market Owner Nick Frazier

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We’re switching things up a little this month and featuring a customer who is not a chef – well, not technically at least, but Nick Frazier would be the first to tell you that it’s cooking, and good cooking, that drives him (at work and at home).

Seafood-featured-chef-NFAs the third generation owner of Frazier Farms Markets, Nick lets the pursuit of good home cooking lead him to the finest fruits and vegetables, meats, and of course seafood, that money can buy.  “Yes, I do a lot of cooking, and seafood is my favorite.  I’m always trying new ingredients, new methods of cooking.  My main rule is if, I wouldn’t take it home and cook it, I won’t sell it.”

Nick uses his cooking adventures to help him guide and train his staff. “It’s more about working to educate ourselves and our customers than it is about selling,” he says.

He works with his team to help customers make the right seafood choices.  “We ask a lot of questions – are they cooking inside or outside? Do they want something mild or more full flavored?  We’ll generally steer people towards more mild fish to start – you can’t go wrong with tilapia or cod if a customer is looking for a sort of ‘intro’ fish.  Shrimp is a good option too.”

Education is a big challenge, Nick says, especially when it comes to talking to people about farmed seafood.  “That’s probably our biggest challenge, although it’s gotten better over the years as farms have gotten more credible.  Five years ago selling farmed salmon was a nightmare!”  Nick is a proponent of modern and responsible aquaculture, “I want people to know that farmed fish can be good for them and the planet.” Nick told us that Scottish Salmon is one of his favorite fish to cook at home.

It’s not just the customers that are being educated, “I’m constantly learning too,” Nick says, “especially when it comes to sourcing. We’re always working to find the best option for our regular items – quality fish but at an affordable price.  It’s a challenge, but our sourcing has to be credible.”

Frazier Farms makes it easy for their customers to enjoy great seafood without a lot of effort. Besides an impeccably sourced selection of seafood managed by a passionate, well-educated staff, Frazier Farms also offers time-savings options like ready-made kabobs along with a selection of marinades made in-store that customers can easily pair with their seafood choice.  Also, customers are sent home with some basic cooking instructions on each package.

Thanks to Nick and his Team at Frazier Farms Markets, it’s never been easier to eat good seafood at home in Southern California. Bon Appetit!

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