Executive Chef Warren Cordoba

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Executive Chef Warren CordobaChef Warren Cordoba spent much of his youth roaming his grandfather’s farm in the heart of coffee country, San Luis St. Domingo Heredia, Costa Rica.  It’s no wonder that he brings a sense of adventure tempered by a bit of nostalgia to his current menu at the Six Seven Restaurant at The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle.

“When I was growing up, all we had was seasonal produce,” Chef Cordoba reminds us, and he brings that approach to his guests every day.  “Our guest want to see seasonal, local options on the menu,” so he indulges them with Spot Prawns, Local Oysters and one of his favorite ingredients, Mussels from Carlsbad Aquafarm.  “The first time I ate those mussels I ate a whole pound!  They are so succulent and have an unwavering freshness.”

Freshness is key to all Chef Cordoba’s food, but one dish in particular makes the most of fresh seafood – ceviche.  “I love to play with the flavors in ceviche,” Chef Cordoba tells us, “at home and at work!  The perfect combination of balanced flavors can transport you.”  Chefs advice for ceviche is simple, “It’s all about balance.  Ceviche should be carefully layered, with each of the ingredients interacting and off-setting each other.”  He describes one of his favorites that involved perfect proportions of Thai fish sauce, lime juice, cilantro, aji amarillo and a touch of oil.  Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Chef Cordoba loves to play on the social interaction and engagement that comes with dining out.  “People want to use food as a focal point and be entertained and excited by the meal, and the interactions that happen while eating.”  He encourages interactive experiences like ordering and sharing a flight of oysters and discussing the flavor and texture differences.  He also enjoys designing sophisticated table-side preparations.  “Guests love to feel special, to have a little show done just for them.”

According to Chef Cordoba, “We take a bit of ourselves and bring it into the menu every day.  Each dish is a mixture of our history, culture and upbringing.”  It’s a history that guests at The Edgewater enjoy each time they eat one of Chef Cordoba’s creations, and we can’t think of a more delicious way to live!

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