Sales & Merchandising

A superior culinary experience begins with intimate collaboration.

That especially applies to that center-of-the-plate favorite, seafood. Santa Monica Seafood offers not just the highest quality seafood available, but a level of expertise and service that sets the industry standard. Equally important, we are passionate about what we do. We want every person who tastes the fish we sell to have the best dining experience possible.

Because our salesforce is so knowledgeable, they’re more than just sales representatives. They become our customers seafood advisors tasked with helping you plan your menus, review your inventory, schedule your offerings, and educate your staff so they have the information to answer patron questions about a wide variety of seafood products.

We know our customer value seeing the person they work with. Our sales representatives as well as grocery merchandisers are throughout the Southwest, meeting directly with our customers in order to best service their needs. In support of their efforts, we offer help to you by phone not to mention online and mobile app ordering so you can browse our inventory and reserve the seafood selected at your convenience.

Additionally, our experienced salesforce has been recruited from all over the culinary and seafood industries. The strength of this team can be found in the variety of food subject matter experts we employ. It’s thanks to their hands-on knowledge that we can provide you with unique information and tips. Moreover, each is up to the minute on current market conditions and seafood trends.

Santa Monica Seafood also employs a full merchandizing team with deep knowledge of the grocery industry. These showcase experts know all the tricks of setting up an eye-catching retail case. They can help you better understand the branded packaging and labels for grab-and-go seafood we provide.

We love talking seafood! Our sales & merchandising representatives are equipped to train your team, with an eye on what actually matters. We’ll also assure that you are provided the perfect fish for your budget, menu or retail offering, all while ensuring you stay informed on future options that are sure to bring a smile to your patrons!