Chef Thomas Moran

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With over 30 years of culinary and management experience, Chef Thomas Moran brings his unique blend of exciting, balanced cuisine to Justice Urban Tavern at the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Chef Thomas attended The Culinary Institute of America in New York before becoming an award-winning chef at restaurants and five-star hotels from Connecticut to California.

Chef Thomas’ love of seafood dates to his childhood. One of his most treasured memories is crabbing in the New Jersey bay with his brothers. They would have fun dragging nets over to the bay and collecting as many blue crabs as they could carry home. Chef Thomas truly enjoys all types of seafood. He particularly loves Whitefish, Sturgeon, Halibut and Grouper. He likes to sauté Corvina with mushrooms and Swiss chard – “It’s earthy, fun and delicious.” His seafood philosophy is “to highlight the flavors of the fish, not the garnish; gather all the ingredients together and prepare your side dishes before solely focusing on the seafood.”

When it comes to seafood, as Chef Thomas says, “the quality must be outstanding.” For 25 years, Chef Thomas has had a wonderful experience with Santa Monica Seafood’s “exceptional quality and unmatched service.”

Justice Urban Tavern
120 South Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 629-1200