Chef Ron Fougeray - Corp. Executive Chef

Chef Ronald Fougeray

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Time spent at Philadelphia’s most famous restaurant; Le Bec-Fin proved instrumental for Chef Ron Fougeray. Considered an institution in Philadelphia, the restaurant was rated America’s finest French restaurant, and the Mobil Travel Guide consistently awarded it five stars for 40 years. During his tenure, Chef Ron was mentored by renowned owner and French chef, Georges Perrier. Georges left an indelible impression on Chef Ron, teaching him to expect only the highest standards from his menu, staff and cooking equipment. In 2009, Chef Ron transitioned to Bibou BYOB, where he worked with owner and chef, Pierre Calmels. He started as Chef de Cuisine and worked his way up to Executive Chef in 2013. Bibou garnered a variety of accolades during his tenure.

Having learned from such respected culinarians, Chef Ron is passionate about making everything from scratch and sourcing the finest possible ingredients. Chef Ron believes the chef and purveyor relationship is a valuable one. He has faith that his Santa Monica Seafood representative is fighting for quality and choosing the best products. According to Chef Ron, “you can’t make something great if the freshness isn’t there to begin with.”

Chef Ron enjoys cooking a wide variety of seafood for his family. He also has many fond memories of the ocean. “We would go out when the sun was just rising, often coming back early afternoon with a feast of ocean delights.” A keen appreciation for food history plays a large role in the style and flavors displayed at Splashes. “Culinary art is a revolving wheel. It helps to remember the ideas and techniques of those that came before us, while putting a modern twist on flavors and presentation.” Currently, his favorite dish is an incredible Monkfish tail wrapped in bacon and paired with house-made squid ink capellini. While in the kitchen, Chef Ron emphasizes teamwork to elevate the performance of the entire staff. Everyone being in sync is critical to achieving the ultimate goal – smiles from guests.

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