Chef Quinnton Austin

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Executive Chef, Quinnton Austin, is a celebrity status restaurant and hospitality professional. Making the trip from New Orleans, Louisiana to San Diego, California, Chef Quinnton, also known as “Chef Q”, brings a Southern flair to the local dining scene. With roots in Louisiana and early experience delving into the Bayou’s culinary culture, San Diego is in for a real treat. Chef Q grew up catching gators as a child and putting them into bathtubs. “I fished once, but I have done crawfish digging quite a few times. It’s an amazing experience.”

His formal training at The Culinary Institute of New Orleans prepared him for a successful career. He worked his way up from Assistant Corporate Chef to Test Kitchen Chef, Sous Chef, Chef De Cuisine, and to award-winning Executive Chef at some of Louisiana’s most prestigious restaurants.

“The things I enjoy making for others is deshelled King crab or charbroil oysters. The crowd-pleaser is definitely the oysters. Everyone goes wild when you grill them with garlic butter, Cajun spice, and parmesan cheese.”

Chef Q suggests that seafood should always be fresh and that everyone should go beyond the simple salt and pepper. He also recommends getting creative with flavor combinations. Chef Q is a New Orleans native and this is what he does best.

His Santa Monica Seafood Representative has always been great, especially when it comes to sourcing his King crab. “At Louisiana PurchaseSD, things are very high-demand and people require things quickly. I have never been disappointed. That’s why I want to thank you all.”

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