Chef Miguel

Chef Miguel Angel Heredia

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A native of Tucson, Arizona, Miguel’s first memories were of watching his mother make wedding cakes. He quickly fell in love with cooking and was always be in the kitchen helping his mother prepare the cakes. He also remembers having fun fishing with his father and brother in Mazatlan, Mexico. When he is not in the kitchen, you can find him hiking, camping and enjoying the great outdoors.

The quality of fresh, local options is key for Miguel. He says, “Santa Monica Seafood has the best seafood by far,” and his representative, Marc, “is always spot on.” His advice for cooking seafood is to “not overthink it, and let the product speak for itself.” One of Chef Miguel’s favorite fish is Ensenada striped seabass because of its incredible freshness and sustainability. At home he enjoys cooking a simple lobster with butter, and searing scallops to pair with any number of dishes.

Chef Miguel graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute as class valedictorian before embarking on a 20 year career in the industry. His exposure to a variety of different cuisines and regional styles has deepened his passion for making great food. Chef Miguel’s love for food has always been driven by making great meals to bring family and friends together.

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