Chef Jeremy Tummel

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A native of Southern California, Chef Jeremy Tummel grew up fishing since he was just a young boy.  “I’ve been fishing my entire life, it’s my favorite hobby and one that I am pretty good at!  I have realized that it’s the little things that make for great memories though, scouring the tide pools for periwinkles, gooseneck barnacles, seaweeds and small crabs…priceless!  Hard to beat a good grunion run too!  My grandfather was a grunion master.” Chef Tummel also mentioned that he loves local seafood especially when it comes to squid, rockfish, abalone and fresh anchovies.

Chef Tummel has an extensive education in the culinary industry and a wide-ranging experience in an array of cuisines over his career. His expertise in French-Asian dishes and Latin flavors combined with his vast knowledge of wine pairings brings yet another exciting page to the Stillwater Bar & Grill portfolio.

After teaching at the Santa Barbara City College Culinary Academy, Tummel helped open the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara. After serving two years as the Executive Chef there, he accepted the same role in Kevin Costner’s restaurant Epiphany. Since then, he’s also spent time as Executive Chef at the highly acclaimed Wine Cask Restaurant and Susan Feniger’s Ciudad restaurant in Los Angeles.

Chef Tummel was also recently featured at the Four Seasons Tokyo in Japan as an ambassador of Central Coast food and wine pairings. He has a strong bond with the ocean, the land and the ingredients they provide and, with proper technique, Chef Tummel has developed a very unique and distinguished style that embeds itself perfectly in the world-class dining across the landscape of Pebble Beach Resorts.

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