Chef Adrian Vela

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Adrian Vela brings a commitment to quality, imagination and passion to his role as Executive Chef of Westwood staple Napa Valley Grille. With a diverse culinary background thanks to positions in some of the country’s leading kitchens, Vela has collected expert techniques and insights from top talents including Bradley Ogden, Joel Robuchon and Charlie Palmer.

Most recently, he served as senior sous chef at Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood in Las Vegas, where he learned the importance of sustainability and how to properly source environmentally-sound ingredients. “When I think about every tuna or salmon I can save with a more sustainable or responsible choice, that’s what makes me so passionate about fish.”

In early 2016, Vela brought his skills to Napa Valley Grille, where as Executive Chef, he led the revamp of the restaurant’s menu as part of the Napa Valley Grille brand redevelopment. “My culinary team does our best at selecting and providing our guests with the most responsibly sourced fish available…Educating our kids and loved ones where our seafood comes from is important not only to protect us from any harm, but it also instills an understanding and appreciation for the fish we consume.”

Chef Vela’s advice—“respect the fish”—rings true for Santa Monica Seafood. His SMS representative, Chad Parsells, “is always there for me when I need him…he understands what I’m looking for and respects my wishes to focus on sustainable choices and the Seafood Watch guidelines.”

Vela’s cooking style serves as a reflection of his professional and personal upbringing—blending traditional Mexican and Latin fare with both modern and classical French cuisine.

“Cooking, for me, is about expression,” states Vela. “I use my unique personality and eye for ingredients to create a meal that demonstrates my passion for cooking to every one of my guests.”

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