Beyond Brisket: Pass the Smoked Fish!

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Smoked meats are big business for restaurants – and as summer approaches,now is the right time to think about adding some smoked items to your menu! But, we’d like to encourage you to think beyond ribs and chicken and add some smoked seafood to the mix.

Feel like smoking your own?  You’re in good company!  Nation’s Restaurant News writes:

At the two Bubby’s in downtown New York City, whole animals are purchased and butchered in-house and then pit-smoked over cherry wood or apple wood.

“Pit-smoked barbecue has many lovable qualities,” owner Ron Silver said.  “People love the sweet, spicy and tangy crust, also known as bark, that forms around the meat while it slowly cooks over the smoky wood. And, of course, the smoky flavor.”

We’re more than happy to guide you through our whole fish options – perfect for smoking in house!

Don’t have the space/time/personnel for in-house butchering or smoking?  No problem.  Order up some of your favorite fish (fillets or portions) and add a smokey touch via seasonings! There’s a multitude of smoked salts on the market, along with spice blends that can add an authentic flavor to any recipe.

Or, even easier, ask your Santa Monica Seafood Sales Rep about our smoked seafood options.  We have a wide variety of choices for every menu and budget.  Traditional hot smoked salmon, flavored choices, smoked shellfish – it’s a pretty long list.  We’re sure you’ll find a way to offer your customers smoked seafood this spring – let us know what’s smokin’ up your menu!