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Explore our current specials for exquisite, fresh seafood at competitive prices. Check back frequently for updated deals. Don’t miss the opportunity to add premium seafood to your menu while saving big!FRESH SPECIALSFor Saturday, April 13, 2024Typographical errors may occur. We reserve the right to change or update information without notice. While supplies last.

Chef Sean Kinoshita

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As the Senior Executive Chef at Levy Restaurants – Allegiant Stadium, the home stadium of the Las Vegas Raiders, Sean Kinoshita combines a culinary philosophy centered around locally sourced ingredients and precise cooking techniques with a leadership approach grounded in effective training and unwavering enthusiasm. With his wealth of culinary expertise and passionate influence, Chef Kinoshita brings a profound impact …

Chef Francesco Di Caudo

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Chef Di Caudo’s upbringing was rooted in the land, as he was raised on a farm where he learned the art of butchering meat and sourcing produce. Back in the day, what is now known as the “farm to table” movement was simply a way of life for him. Chef Di Caudo cherishes the valuable experience he gained from his …

Chef Albert Park

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Chef Albert Park graduated Magna Cum Laude from the International Culinary School at the Art Institute in Orange County. His professional culinary career then began at the Double Tree by Hilton in Dana Point. He was first introduced to working in both a la carte dining and banquet cooking, which led to his first promotion as Banquet Sous Chef. Chef …

Chef Oliver Plust

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Born and raised in Schwerin, Germany, Chef Oliver Plust grew up in the kitchen always cooking with his mother. As early as 8 years old, he remembered always wanting to be a chef when he grows up. As cooking has always been his sanctuary, it was a natural step for him to choose this as his profession in life. Chef …

Chef Felipe Gonzalez Varon

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Born in Bogota, Colombia, Chef Felipe Gonzalez Varon moved to the United States with his family when he was just 7 years old. The foodservice industry has been a big part of his life since he was 15. After some time working, one of the restaurant owners noticed Chef Gonzalez Varon’s passion and dedication to the industry and asked if …

Chef Matt Lee

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Formerly the Executive Chef for the Restaurant at the Getty, Chef Matt Lee has a quiet passion for culinary integrity and innovation. His exquisite eye for detail is evident in everything from his careful flavor composition to the stunning and playful visual presentation of each element on the plate. At 917, his facility with fresh, locally caught fish and other …

Chef Jeffrey Viviano

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Chef Jeffrey Viviano started his passion for cooking in his grandparent’s kitchen which instilled a love for food and family at the dinner table. His family lived very modestly and used hunting and fishing as a food source, not just a hobby. Chef Viviano remembered always being very careful not to make a mistake in cleaning and cutting the fish …

Chef Adam Titze

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Chef Adam Titze grew up in the Midwest helping his grandmother prepare the holiday meals for his large family.  It gave him an appreciation for work, and the attention to detail required to prepare meals on this scale.  And it inspired him to pursue his love for food on an even grander scale. Chef Titze began his pursuit as a …

Chef Greg Byma

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Chef Greg Byma worked in construction throughout his early 20s until he realized his heart was somewhere else. He enjoyed the early memories of all the times he spent cooking with his grandmother and watching the joy in those who shared in their culinary creations. With the support of his wife Frank’e, he embarked on a new adventure to pursue …