Alaska Cod: A Sustainable Option at a Great Price


We’re now offering a great new Alaska cod option perfect for a variety of menu options at an unbeatable price!

And it’s not just a good deal – it comes with a great story.

Village Cove Alaska Cod (COD281) is “pot caught” which is good for the ocean and even better for the quality of the fish!  The cod are lured into the pot/trap using bait, and they remain inside the trap until they’re harvested.  Bringing live fish onboard the vessel where they are quickly poke bled and placed in refrigerated sea water results in a very high quality product.  This is some of the nicest cod we’ve ever worked with!

The vessels that are fishing for Village Cove are making short trips and the cod they harvest is quickly prepared for freezing (bellies trimmed, collars and tails removed).  This cod has an amazing yield!

Additionally, this cod is harvested as part of the Western Alaska Community Development Quota (CDQ) Program.  According to NOAA, “The purpose of the program is to provide western Alaska communities the opportunity to participate and invest in BSAI fisheries, to support economic development in western Alaska, to alleviate poverty and provide economic and social benefits for residents of western Alaska, and to achieve sustainable and diversified local economies in western Alaska.”

Ask your Santa Monica Seafood Representative about Village Cove Alaska Cod today!