Leadership Team

The Best Management Team Money Can Buy!   (Seriously.)

One of the attributes that best defines the Company’s success is the investment that has been placed in bringing the finest professional talent to work for us. The organization we are today is entirely due to the passion, commitment and energy this group of experts brings to their efforts daily.

Our team of leaders represents the best management talent the Company could find for the particular area of responsibility being filled, regardless of where they were previously. The Company utilized executive search firms, relocated people from different states and even different countries, often assisting in helping applicants obtain work visas – whatever it took – to bring in the best person in their field of expertise. Whether in areas of procurement, production, logistics, sales, information technology, human resources, safety, customer service or finance, Santa Monica Seafood has grabbed the very best people we could find, inside and often outside our industry.

Our strength is derived from the diversity of experience and expertise our leadership provides. Thanks to Chairman of the Board, Michael Cigliano, ownership’s imprint continues to provide the light by which the Company is guided. Michael ensures Santa Monica Seafood’s family tradition of excellence and a reputation for quality are maintained.

Meanwhile, President and CEO Roger O’Brien has taken Santa Monica Seafood to heights its ownership never dreamed of. What was once a small company serving primarily the Los Angeles area has morphed into one of regional dominance in the Southwest, with a foothold in the Midwest, thanks to Roger’s pursuit of a long list of acquisitions.

If there’s one quality that defines this Company’s Management Team, it’s excitement. We’re certainly proud of what we’ve accomplished together. But the excitement we share is entirely due to what lies ahead.

We fully recognize that our company’s leadership applies not only to Santa Monica Seafood, but as role models for the seafood industry’s future viability and success.